March 29, 2013

Astronauts answer questions about space

Do Your Ears Pop in Space? and 500 Other Surprising Questions about Space Travel
by Mike Mullane

Astronauts are asked many questions. Space shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane answers many of these questions, using plain language that even kids will find understandable. Divided into chapters - Space physics/Space shuttle pre-mission & launch operations/Space shuttle orbit operations/Life in space/Space physiology/Space shuttle reentry & landing/Challenger/Astronaut facts/The future - the book can be read cover to cover or in any order, according to the reader's interest.

The most frequent questions asked? 
How do you go to the bathroom in space and Have you seen any UFOs?

How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?
by William R. Pogue

Former astronaut Pogue also answers questions about space travel. But unlike Mullane's book, his answers aren't grouped into categories. Readers must consult the index before finding answers on specific subjects. Pogue also likes to spout statistics, which may make readers' eyes glaze over. Look for his description of space shuttle evacuation procedures and the challenges posed when readjusting to gravity. They differ quite a bit from Mullane's.

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