March 25, 2013

Living in space

The Amazing International Space Station

Ever wonder what it's like aboard the International Space Station? This book provides lots of information about the ISS and what 'nauts (astronauts and cosmonauts) do up there. Whether they're eating, experimenting, space-walking, or Earth-gazing, 'nauts make space travel fascinating. Packed with appealing photographs and fun activities to make every kid a space enthusiast. You can even make space soup!

On the Shuttle: Eight Days in Space
by Barbara Bondar with Dr. Roberta Bondar

Roberta Bondar was Canada's first female astronaut. This book is about her mission aboard the Discovery space shuttle. It's basically a diary of everything she and the crew did during their time in space, like science experiments and press conferences. While informative, the text, and even the photos, lack enthusiasm, making for a somewhat dry read. 

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