April 1, 2013

Animals poo

The Scoop on Poop!
by Wayne Lynch

Let's face it, some kids are fascinated with all things gross and smelly. So they'll be delighted with this book, which is filled with facts sure to be discussed during dinner. Every animal eats and every animal poops, but it's what they do with the poop that's so interesting. Termites use it to build their homes, hyenas use it to mark their territory, and some animals eat it to get more nutrients.

Wayne Lynch relate these and other disgusting facts in a fun and cheerful manner, illustrated with his own photographs. Thankfully, he keeps the poop photos to a minimum.

Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable
by Nicola Davies
illustrated by Neal Layton

According to Nicola Davies, poop is the most useful stuff on earth. It can be used for navigation, gossip, match-making, tree planting, and more. Davies uses humour to present her facts, which are made even funnier by Layton's squiggly drawings. Kids will like the pictures of poop and the discussions about size, shape, and consistency.

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