July 7, 2014

Play with dirt

A Handful Of Dirt
by Raymond Bial

An author's note at the beginning of this book explains Bial's love for freshly turned soil, nurtured by his grandfather's fondness for gardening. Now he teaches his children to make more soil and hopes that the reader will do so as well.

Thus A Handful of Dirt is Bial's paean to soil. In it, he extolls the wonders of soil and the small ecosystems that soil supports, from microscopic nematodes to grazing cattle.

The Dirt on Dirt
by Paulette Bourgeois

Dirt is everywhere, even under your bed. We keep trying to get rid of dirt but 100 per cent clean is just not possible. Besides, dirt is necessary for dirt-bike racing, sunsets, buried treasure, and house building. The Dirt on Dirt touches on all these topics and more, like growing a rainforest in a bottle, preserving your own footprints, or turning rocks into sand. You'll also learn where dirt comes from and how to make more.

A good book for kids who don't mind getting dirty.

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