March 8, 2013

Nothing beats a poem!

Dirty Dog Boogie
by Loris Lesynski

Lesynski's first collection of poems; her infectious verses are lively, musical, and fun, perked up by her comical illustrations.

Crazy About Soccer!
by Loris Lesynski

Lesynski's at her best in this enthusiastic collection of soccer-themed poems. Kids will definitely get a kick out of them! With cheerfully expressive pictures by Gerry Rasmussen.

After a steady diet of Lesynski, kids may be inspired to write their own poems. If they need a little help, hand them her helpful book I Did It Because... How a Poem Happens. It's full of great tips to get them started. 

And remember:

Nothing beats a poem
when you're in a 
poem mood because
you never know
exactly what a poem 
might include.
It offers laughs
and often thoughts
and pictures in your head,
and sometimes says, 
"Let's look at things this
other way instead."
- from Nothing Beats a Pizza, by Loris Lesynski

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