March 1, 2013

Help your child deal with bullies

Bully Busting: How to Help Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying
by Evelyn M. Field

This thoughtful and sympathetic book is a must-read for parents desperate to help their bullied child. Field, a school-based psychiatrist, has extensive experience teaching children the social survival skills that help take the sting out of bullying and teasing. She begins by describing the different types of bullying, the reasons why children bully, and why your child has become a target. Recognizing the damaging effects of bullying on a child's attitude and self-esteem, she then sets out six secrets that parents can teach their child: how to deal with their feelings, understand why they are teased or bullied, build their self-esteem, become a confident communicator, create a "power pack" of appropriate responses, and develop a support network.

Through worksheets and role-playing activities, Field goes through each secret in detail, allowing parents and children to practice at their own pace. She admits that not every strategy will work, but urges you to keep trying. According to the law of averages, something you or your child does will stop the bullying; you just need to be positive and patient.

An excellent and highly-recommended book that will help your child become assertive, confident, and social; skills that will help them now and in the future.

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