February 24, 2014

Put on a play!

The Jumbo Book of Drama
by Deborah Dunleavy

The Jumbo Book of Drama is jam-packed with activities to get kids comfortable with being onstage. Divided into four acts, the book introduces children to different acting genres by giving them all sorts of theatre games, plays and scenes to try. These can be done either alone, with a partner, or with a group. 

Act One: Make Your Move teaches physical movement as represented by mime, masked play, clowning, and dance. Act Two: Sound Advice emphasizes voice as used in puppetry, readers' theatre, and radio plays. Act Three: Getting It Together blends movement and voice in exploring melodrama, comedy, and tragedy. The final act, On With the Show, takes kids behind the scenes, where they can build sets and scenery, experiment with lights, or make simple costumes.

A good book for fostering imagination and creativity.

Curtain Up! A Book for Young Performers
by Dirk McLean

For kids who want to know what a real performance is like, give them this picture book. It follows a young girl named Amaya as she auditions for a play, goes through rehearsals, and gets ready for opening night.  

McLean does a good job of weaving factual information into an engaging story. A glossary at the end explains theatre terms.

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