February 5, 2014

Ski with confidence

Inner Skiing: Revised Edition
by Timothy Gallwey & Robert Kriegel

A highly readable, easy-to-implement book that shows you how to let go of fear and enjoy the moment. By focussing on inner and outer awareness (feeling the physical sensations of skiing and being aware of your surroundings), you release tension and allow your body to naturally learn the best way to ski.

Without having to worry about whether you are doing it right or wrong, this book shows you how to relax and have fun.

Smart Skiing: Mental Training for All Ages and Levels of Skill
by Dennis J. Selder

Methods for skiers to achieve peak performances, whether recreationally or competitively. For skiing success, Selder takes the reader through various quizzes that assess personality type and emotional reactions to stress. Then, using motivation, goals, and imagery, he shows you how to overcome fear and negative criticism in order to become a more confident skier.

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