February 17, 2014

Make a movie!

Learn to Speak Film: A Guide to Creating, Promoting, and Screening Your Movies
by Michael Glassbourg
design & illustration by Jeff Kulak

Learn to Speak Film is an excellent introduction to movie making. It begins with a brief history of film, then segues into the basics of photography, which is great for experimenting with composition, framing, and light. Once you master a still camera, you can move onto motion-picture cameras and start actual filming. But first you need to find an idea and write a screenplay. Glassbourg gives lots of good advice for writing dialogue, adding conflict, and handling rewrites. Next he moves into production and postproduction, covering everything from finding the talent to running rehearsals, from editing scenes to creating the soundtrack.

Clear language and bright design make the book fun to read, and the encouraging tone helps novice filmmakers get started.

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