February 19, 2014

Acting and filmmaking tips

Lights, Camera, Action! Making Movies and TV from the Inside Out
by Lisa O'Brien

This book is mainly about becoming an actor rather than a filmmaker. However, it does describe how a movie or television show is shot. For aspiring actors, it has tips on finding an agent, researching a role, and acing the audition. For those interested in the background activity, it describes the production and marketing processes and how some special effects are created. Each chapter has acting tips, popcorn trivia quizzes and a glossary of screen speak to keep things interesting. The author may be a little inaccurate regarding shooting schedules, but the book is entertaining and easy to read.

Attack of the Killer Video Book Take 2: Tips and Tricks for Young Directors
by Mark Shulman and Hazlitt Krog

Without too much preamble, this book dives right into the filmmaking process, offering lots of technical advice in fast, breezy prose with a dash of humor. At times though, the page layout get a little crowded, and the editing and special effects information start to sound very intimidating. Still, it has good ideas for making movies.

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