February 26, 2014

Be a working actor

Acting A to Z: The Young Person's Guide to a Stage Or Screen Career
by Katherine Mayfield

Anyone who yearns for the fame and fortune of television or movie stars should read this book. It will tell them what being a working actor is really like and what to expect in the acting business. In twenty-six concise chapters, Mayfield provides an overview of various aspects of an acting career, beginning with a summary of different acting fields - theatre, film, commercials, etc. - the basic tools an actor needs and the personality types best suited for this kind of profession. This will help kids decide if acting is something that they really want to do. From there, she provides specifics on casting directors and agents, interview and auditioning processes, acting schools, networking, and self-promotion.

Mayfield does a good job of explaining the pros and cons of the acting business in rational, realistic terms. She also stresses the importance of self-confidence and well-being. A very useful and practical book.

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