May 1, 2013

Great philosophers

Wise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of Socrates
by M. D. Usher
illustrated by William Bramhall

M. D. Usher imagines Socrates as a questioning, curious child in this entertaining picture book. The simple text provides a brief summary of his life, while the more complex text, written in scroll-shaped sidebars, delves into the meanings behind his philosophy. The delightful, double-spread pictures add exuberance to the proceedings. 

Appealing to readers of all ages.

Unfortunately, the book is not available at either amazon or Indigo. However, you can find it in the library.

Confucius: The Golden Rule

by Russell Freedman
illustrated by Frederic Clement

If you think Confucius was a silly philosopher who always prefaced his quotes with Confucius say...‚ this book will change your view. Biographer Russell Freedman acknowledges that while such false perceptions are amusing (Confucius did have a sense of humor), there is a reason that the sayings of Confucius are still alive today. A bold, ambitious thinker, Confucius dared to question the Chinese way of government and advocate for reform. His teachings influenced public service, education, and democracy. It is no wonder, then, that Confucius remains relevant, and that some of his sayings were reinterpreted to suit the meanings and purposes of other rulers.

An intelligent and thoughtful book, with lovely artwork that replicates ancient-style tapestries.

Also available at the library.

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