May 6, 2013

Yoga for kids

The Yoga Game
by Kathy Beliveau

I soar above the land and sea/or sit upon a giant tree. / Perching poised with piercing eyes,/I silently search sea and skies. / What am I? 

The answer to each rhyming riddle is a yoga pose. The pictures clearly show what each pose looks like. Since children like imitating trees and animals, this is a fun introduction to yoga.

Answer to above riddle: I am an eagle!

My Daddy Is a Pretzel: Yoga for Parents and Kids
by Baron Baptiste

Today, in class, we're going to say / what jobs our parents do each day. / Niki says her mommy's a gardener. Sometimes, my daddy's a tree.

Instructions on how to perform a related yoga pose is illustrated. In the above excerpt, the tree pose is shown in 6 easy steps. 

Good for parents and kids to practice together.

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