May 29, 2013

Physics made simple

Physics: Why Matter Matters!
by Dan Green
illustrated by Simon Basher

The subject of physics can be a difficult to grasp, especially for visual learners. This book aims to change all that by using quirky characters to explain the building blocks of life. Meet Mass, a real man of substance, Acceleration, the adrenaline junkie, and Inertia, who resists motion. Then there's the Hot Stuff Gang - energy, entropy, and vacuum, the Wave Gang - water, sound, frequency, and amplitude, the Light Crew, the Atom Family, the Nuclear Heavies - radioactivity, photons, and beta particles, and the Electric Cuties - static, current, and magnetism.

Conversational language and bright colors ensure this book a long life on reference shelves everywhere.

On the cover: Amplitude, Magnetism, Static Electricity. Jetting off above them: Acceleration.

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