April 29, 2013

Life, the universe, and everything

Stormy Night
by Michèle Lemieux

During a dark and stormy night, a young girl ponders life's mysteries. Her questions are recognizable to many children, who often express the same hopes, dreams, and fears. Whimsical drawings help to alleviate some of their worries.

A good book to read at bedtime, it also offers reassurance to adult readers. It shows that the questions and feelings swirling around in our heads are normal, natural and universal.

Really, Really Big Questions
by Stephen Law

What is nothing?
Is my mind my brain?
Can I always believe my eyes?
What is the meaning of life?

Stephen Law tackles these and other questions in this introductory philosophy book. Puzzling and thought-provoking, these are questions with no definitive answers. Law provides just enough information to foster debate and jump-start discussion. He concludes with a list of books for further philosophic research and a list of thinking tips so kids can formulate their own theories.

A stimulating book.

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