January 9, 2013

Poetry writing for all ages

I Did It Because... How a Poem Happens

Lesynski teaches kids to say poetry out loud and provides many easy ideas so they can start writing poems too. An accomplished poet herself, she uses her own poems as examples and includes a helpful list of books and websites for more poetry-writing advice. Her enthusiasm, along with Michael Martchenko’s lively illustrations, help make poetry fun and exciting. 

Good for ages 5-8.

Also read Lesynski's latest book of poems:  Crazy About Soccer.

Pizza Pigs And Poetry: How to Write a Poem
by Jack Prelutsky

Using hilarious stories from his own childhood, Jack Prelutsky shows readers that poetry ideas can be found everywhere. He includes lots of writing tips and encouraging advice to turn anyone into a good poet. He even provides some poemstarts (i.e. the first few lines) to get aspiring poets started.

Good for ages 7-10.

Poem-Making: Ways to Begin Writing Poetry
by Myra Cohn Livingston

A book about the mechanics of writing poetry. Livingston introduces readers to the voices of poetry (lyrical, narrative or dramatic), its sounds and rhymes (couplets and tercets, consonance and assonance), its figures of speech (simile, metaphor, personification) and its various forms (haiku, cinquain, limerick, free verse).

For ages 9-13, this is an ideal book for kids who want to write better poems.

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