August 26, 2015

Kids like you

Kid Athletes: True Tales of Childhood from Sports Legends
by David Stabler
illustrated by Doogie Horner

Some biographies gloss over their subjects' childhoods and go right into the details of hard work and achievements. The boring ones read like itemized resum├ęs, complete with facts that kids don't care about, like how many marriages a person has gone through. Most kids would rather know what a famous person was like when he or she was a kid themselves. It's much more fun and inspiring when kids can find similarities with their heroes. 

David Stabler understood this idea perfectly when he wrote Kid Athletes. In it, he shares true stories from the childhoods of twenty professional athletes. From accident-prone Peyton Manning who had to dance in the school play to Danica Patrick who raced go-karts, Gabby Douglas who loved to climb and jump to Julie Krone whose horse often threw her off, and Lionel Messi who was told he was too short for soccer, these are kids who never let adversity get in the way in their love of their chosen sport.

A funny and entertaining book that many kids will enjoy, whether they are athletes or not.

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