August 12, 2015

Gender fluidity

by Kristin Elizabeth Clark

Brendan Chase is a popular athlete, a beloved brother, and a boyfriend to a beautiful girl. Vanessa Girard has everything that Brendan is looking for - long hair, soft skin, gentle curves. Except that Brendan doesn't just like girls, he'd like to be a girl, at least sometimes. Understandably, he's really freaked out.

Angel Hansted is transexual. She's gone through some really tough times but she's now in a happier place. She works part-time at Willows Teen LGBTQ Center. When she meets Brendan, she tries to help him even though he's not yet ready to reveal his secret.

Told in free verse from the perspectives of Brendan, Vanessa, and Angel, this is a compassionate, insightful novel that explores themes of identity, acceptance, and belonging. Readers will empathize deeply with Brendan as he spirals into anger and depression, sympathize with Vanessa as she struggles to understand, and admire Angel's resiliency and newfound confidence.

A realistic, thought-provoking story.

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