August 7, 2015

Dr. Michael to the rescue!

The Adventures of Medical Man: Kids' Illnesses and Injuries Explained
by Dr. Michael Evans and David Wichman
art by Gareth Williams

Action-packed stories with a superhero, sci-fi, adventure-type theme are the backdrops in this clever, entertaining book that teaches kids about six common illnesses and injuries that they or their friends may encounter. A suspense-filled serial about a young boy's nut allergy is interrupted by a detective story about concussion, a werewolf encounter about broken bones, a Batman-inspired comic about strep throat, a submarine adventure about ear infection, and an Indiana Jones-like actioner about asthma.

The scientific explanations are distilled in simple, accessible language, helped by clearly labelled diagrams and glossary. 

Fun and educational, this book's a blockbuster!

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