August 3, 2015

Basic first aid

The Kids Guide To First Aid
by Karen Buhler Gale, R.N.

Taking a first aid course is probably the best way to learn, but this book is handy to have around just in case. It shows kids how to handle common ouches like minor burns, insect bites, bleeding noses, black eyes, and basic cuts and scrapes. A useful chapter explains how to perform self-Heimlich maneuvers. 

The information is presented fairly clearly using bulleted or numbered lists and Get Help fact boxes, which stress the calling of 911 or a grown-up for more serious situations. I did find the many different fonts, type sizes, and line spacings to be a bit distracting. As well, the cartoon illustrations are more amusing than helpful. The book is probably best for ages 9 and up, and read along with an adult to ensure understanding. Having a stuffed animal to practice on would be good too.

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