October 28, 2013

Haunted Canada

Canadian Hauntings
by Michael Norman & Beth Scott

This is a collection of ghost stories from across Canada. They're supposed to be true stories, but who can tell? There's no actual evidence presented, nor any historical context. Some of the stories are a little creepy or just plain puzzling. What they are not is very scary.

Strange but True: Canadian Stories of Horror and Terror
by John Robert Colombo

Colombo has compiled many Canadian ghost stories, which fill a number of books. A full list can be found at his website - http://colombo.ca/

The stories in Strange but True are told by Canadians who have experienced strange, unexplained supernatural events. Since Colombo does not edit these stories, they can be tedious, rambling affairs that try one's patience. Fortunately, most of the stories are fairly short. Colombo does try to explain some of the weird happenings, but he freely admits that there is no actual proof that will confirm or deny these accounts. 

As with Canadian Hauntings, the stories are not particularly scary. However, creative readers could use them as inspiration for writing their own ghost stories. I recommend Canadian Hauntings for ages 9 and up. Strange but True is more suited to those 15 and up.

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