October 4, 2013

Arctic explorers

Exploring the Frozen North
by Pierre Berton

The search for the Northwest Passage obsessed many explorers in the 1820s, and later, in the 1840s and 50s. The perilous adventures of William Parry, Elisha Kent Kane, and Robert John McClure are told in fascinating detail, as is Lady Jane Franklin's obsessive search for her lost husband John. These were explorers of great bravery, recklessness, and foolishness, yet without their efforts, the Arctic might never have been mapped.

Pierre Berton captures all the drama and excitement in vivid detail, bringing history alive for young readers. His stories also demonstrate great respect for the Inuit who came to the rescue, often at great personal cost.

These are exciting true adventure stories that capture the imagination. 

Highly recommended.

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