October 7, 2013

Nova Scotian cruise

Jigs and Reels: A Cruise in Maritime Waters
by Marijke Simons

Silas and his cousin Rose are sailing around Nova Scotia on their grandparents' boat Jigs and Reels. Grandpa steers while Grandma acts as navigator.

Silas wants to see whales; Rose is looking for mermaids. They do find whales and lots of other sea life while avoiding hurricanes and rip tides. 

Although this is a travel book, there is no background material. Simons doesn't go beyond naming the places and animals. However, her nicely illustrated map makes it easy to track the journey, and kids will get a good idea of where to look for birds and seals. A visual glossary helps with identification.

In summary, JIgs and Reels is a pleasant story that may have readers planning their own sailing adventure.

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