October 28, 2016

Decorate yourself!

Decorate Yourself: Cool Designs for Temporary Tattoos, Face Painting, Henna & More
by Tom Andrich

You'll need lots of equipment and a steady hand to pull off the intricate designs in this book, especially if you plan on trying the airbrush tattoos! Fortunately, it includes stencil-making patterns that should make things easier. No stencils are provided for the henna designs; instead, there are close-up pictures for you to copy. 

The elaborate look of the airbrush and henna ideas make them more suitable for teens and adults. Much simpler are the many face-painting, body-painting and nail designs that should make younger kids happy. 

Detailed info about materials, technique, and safety preface each chapter. At times, the instructions aren't presented in straight columns, making things needlessly difficult. However, with enough practice, you just might produce something wonderful!

Good luck, and happy face-painting!

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