October 24, 2016

Easy face painting

Face Painting: Over 30 faces to paint, with simple step-by-step instructions
by Karen Harvey

Turn any trick-or-treater into puppies, bunnies, pirates, vampires, witches or zombies with this easy-to-follow instruction book. It begins with a two-page primer on tools and materials, followed by slightly tricky instructions on how to paint a butterfly face. Helpful photos accompany each step.

There are five levels of difficulty from quick and simple to masterpiece. It would have been more logical to present the simpler faces first before moving on to the more difficult ones, but instead, it's a mixed bag. It helps to hide the fact that only five faces are rated at the beginner levels. Most of the instructions are of the "tricky and creative" (level 3) and "ready for a challenge" (level 4) variety. However, the clear writing and large photos make it fairly easy to recreate each face.

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