October 21, 2016

The art of the con

Duped! True Stories of the World's Best Swindlers
by Andreas Schroeder
illustrations by Remy Simard

Swindlers, tricksters, hustlers, con artists .... whatever they're called, they're experts at getting people to part with their money. What they do is criminal, but you can't help admiring their ingenuity and audaciousness. The eight stories in this book showcase some of the more outrageous schemes perpetrated by masters of the con. They include an expert Shakespearean forger, a novice sailor who nearly won a round-the-world race, a French peasant who scammed her way into high society, and a scientist who discovered vibrational energy.

Lively writing and graphic-novel style artwork make for an entertaining and engrossing read. Kids will want to check out Schroeder's other title: Robbers! True Stories of the World's Most Notorious Thieves.

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