June 29, 2016

Solomon Islands by kayak

Jungle Islands: My South Sea Adventure
by Maria Coffey with Debora Pearson
photography by Dag Goering

Husband-and-wife team Coffey and Goering are avid kayakers and adventure travel operators (visit their website at http://hiddenplaces.net/). Published in 2000, Jungle Islands is an account of their kayaking trip to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Their self-directed journey depended on the hospitality of the Solomon Islanders, most of whom had never seen white people before. Aided by the islanders, they learned to speak Pidgin English, follow unfamiliar social customs, and sleep in leaf huts. They also had close encounters with bats, sharks, crocodiles, and leatherback turtles. A visit to Skull Island is one of the highlights.

Coffey's text conveys her wonder and enthusiasm very well, while Goering's many photos excellently capture the exotic locales. Colourful maps preceding each chapter allow readers to follow along. 

An excellent adventure!

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