June 27, 2016

Desert nomad

52 Days by Camel: My Sahara Adventure
by Lawrie Raskin with Debora Pearson
photography by Lawrie Raskin

A fascination with deserts and Lawrence of Arabia led Raskin to visit the Sahara in Africa, where he saw a sign saying "Tombouctou 52 jours" (Timbuktu 52 days). That's 52 days by camel. 

While Raskin did travel by camel, his journey to Timbuktu was mainly accomplished by van, bus, truck, train, boat, and jeep. His meanderings took him to many exotic ports of call like Fez, Marrakesh, Tan Tan, Nouakchott, and Mopti. Having reached Timbuktu, he even went to visit the salt mines of Taoudenni.

Raskin's adventurous spirit and sense of wonder is palpable as he sleeps under desert skies, survives a sandstorm, and enjoys the hospitality of nomads. Interesting sidebars offer tips on how to mount a camel, how to bargain in an African market, creative ways to recycle used cars, and top ten ways to use a turban. As well, his evocative photos bring the African culture to life.

A fascinating introduction to adventure travel.

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