June 1, 2016

Not the best travel guide

The Moon (Astronaut Travel Guides)
by Chris Oxlade

Oxlade begins his travel guide with a brief history of moon exploration before going into even less detail about the possibility of future moon missions. He doesn't even mention the physical requirements of space travel or what it would be like to actually live on the moon. I was also disappointed in his ideas for suitable travel companions. Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride are good, but Isaac Newton, Jules Verne (as the mission diarist) and Jean-Michel Cousteau (as a breathing expert)? Considering that the book was published in 2013, there are far worthier candidates to mention. And why is Armstrong called a mission scientist and Ride called an astronaut? With degrees in physics and astrophysics, Ride was every bit a mission scientist as well.

Not the book I was hoping for.

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