June 12, 2015

Dinosaur road trips

The Random House Dinosaur Travel Guide
by Kelly Milner Halls

Dinosaur-obsessed kids will probably want to see Jurassic World (opening today) over and over again. Lure them out of the movie theatre with a road trip to all things dinosaur with this unique travel guide. It's packed with over 300 dinosaur destinations worth visiting across the United States and Canada. There are enough fossils, bones, replicas, rocks, and footprints to keep kids happy all summer. Museums and national parks predominate, but dinosaur theme parks are also included, providing fun, if less authentic, experiences. More dino-related facts can be found in the Bone Digger Bonus segments, as well as stories from paleontologists. The book even includes a dinosaur shopping guide, with listings for dinosaur t-shirts, posters, candies, jewelry, toys, and soap.

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