June 8, 2015

Bring stories to life

Storybook Travels: From Eloise's New York to Harry Potter's London, Visits to 30 of the Best-Loved Landmarks in Children's Literature
by Colleen Dunn Bates & Susan LaTempa

Good stories are able to transport readers, through their imaginations, into other worlds. While places like Wonderland, the Emerald City, or Narnia aren't real, other places actually exist.  Ride a riverboat like Tom Sawyer, visit Anne Shirley's Haunted Wood, hike Heidi's alps in Switzerland, or look for Ramona's house in Portland. These are just four of the thirty adventures compiled in Storybook Travels. Each chapter has a brief summary of a children's book, a description of the trip as experienced by the authors and their children, and a suggested itinerary with addresses and contact information, including websites.

Fun and accessible, this is an excellent guide to some enchanting, memorable trips that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Storied City: A Children's Book Walking-Tour Guide to New York City
by Leonard S. Marcus

Marcus is a well-known literary critic and a New-Yorker, so this guide is an excellent book to take along if you're going to NYC with children. There are twenty-one walking tours in total, covering every New York borough. Marcus's travel choices are taken from over 200 fiction and nonfiction children's books, so you're bound to find a tour that will appeal to every age group. There are, of course, a lot of art galleries and museums to visit, but children will be thrilled to see where Stuart Little sailed his boat, the house of Harriet the Spy, or the subway murals by artist Faith Ringgold, illustrator of Tar Beach.

With maps and pictures and interesting facts, Storied City is a handy, portable guide to New York people, places, and history.

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