June 24, 2015

Clowning around

The Most Excellent Book of How to be a Clown
by Catherine Perkins

A quick and easy primer on being a clown, this book covers the basics so kids can get clowning right away. After tips on costumes and makeup, it dives immediately into ten different clown acts before ending with a how-to on making needed props. It's probably best to invest in actual clown school, but as an introduction, a book is a good way to test your child's interest.

Be a Clown!
by Ron Burgess

Burgess is a professional clown known as Silly Willy. His how-to book covers the same ground as Perkins' book, but in more detail. He emphasizes practice, timing, and finding the right clown personality. He also has good tips on how to trip or do a pratfall safely, how to perform magic tricks, and how to choose the right clown name.

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