November 13, 2013

Child victims of war

When Elephants Fight
by Eric Walters & Adrian Bradbury

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. 

A Kenyan proverb; its meaning is simple: when the large fight, it is the small who suffer the most. Regardless of which elephant wins or loses, the grass beneath their feet will always be destroyed.

Children are the grass whose lives have been irrevocably altered because of war. This book tells the story of five such children - Farooq, Nadja, Annu, Toma, and Jimmy. They come from Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Uganda.  Along with their stories, the book offers an analysis of the history, geography, and political issues that have brought about aggression and conflict.

Bleak, yet hopeful, this is a good book that reminds us of the reasons for peace.

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