November 1, 2013


Seeing Red: The True Story of Blood
by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Many people can't think of blood without getting queasy. Yet blood is a basis for human existence. In many cultures, blood is also an important symbol in religious rituals, initiation ceremonies, and modern legends. Using a mixture of macabre and scientific facts, Lloyd Kyi traces the historical trends and mythology surrounding blood and its role in ancient beliefs, medical treatments and forensic investigation.

The playful, graphic content is sure to attract readers with a taste for blood and gore.

The Book of Blood: From Legends and Leeches to Vampires and Veins
by HP Newquist

Newquist delivers a more scientific approach in his book about blood. Much information is devoted to blood typing, the circulatory system, and diseases of the blood. Readers will no doubt squirm at the graphic descriptions of ancient medical practices and gory colour photos. But they'll be fascinated at the chapters devoted to the animal kingdom and its real-life vampires (mosquitoes, bats, leeches).

With blood-splattered pages and archival drawings, this is creative nonfiction at its best.

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