November 4, 2013

Canada at war

The Kids Book of Canada at War
by Elizabeth MacLeod

Canadians have fought in many wars, both in Canada and abroad. The Kids Book of Canada at War looks at the earliest battles between our First Nations and European conquerors, the conflicts between the French and English resulting in the Acadian explusion, the War of 1812, and the Métis Rebellions. It also summarizes the key battles of World Wars I and II, and the lesser known South African and Korean conflicts. The book ends with our country's role in peacekeeping and international aid.

Filled with profiles of heroic soldiers, descriptions of weapons technology, and first-person accounts, the book provides a clear, comprehensive overview of Canadians at war. 

Canada's Wars: An Illustrated History
by Jonathan Webb

An even more comprehensive book about Canada's participation in war, Canada's Wars is a detailed look at wars ranging from the Boer War of 1884 up to the war in Afghanistan. Each chapter provides an overview of the wars themselves and how Canada became involved. Through vivid photographs, artwork, and staggering statistics about the men and women who have served in combat, what emerges is a fascinating story of Canada's growth as an independent nation. As well, an examination of Canada's roles in peacekeeping reveal the depth of Canadian bravery and commitment.

An excellent book; it leaves readers with a strong appreciation for all Canadians who have gone to war.

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