November 2, 2012

Communicate with spirits

Do You Believe in Ghosts? Fortune-tellers, Séances, Mediums, and More!
by Martine Laffon

This is a book about spiritism, which is the belief in the relationship between the human world and the spirit world. Spiritists feel that communication with spirits is possible. Apparently, there are three levels of spirits - in the third order are impure and wicked spirits, the second order consists of benevolent and wise spirits, and the first order contain superior spirits who only deal with large issues. These spirits are known as angels.

People have tried various means to summon spirits, whether by telepathy or trance, or by making objects move. But there is no proof that any of this is real; many so-called mediums are often revealed as fakes and charlatans, as were some of the mediums mentioned in the book. 

Other people have tried to predict the future, and the final chapter mentions some of the means of doing so, like divination, astrology, chiromancy (palm reading), and numerology. Readers may find it frustrating that the book doesn't really tell you how to read palms, and it's curious that tarot cards are omitted, as are tea leaves (coffee grounds are mentioned instead).

No definitive statements are made and the book ends with all sorts of questions. Not as exciting as the title would lead you to believe, this book will not sway the skeptic.

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