November 26, 2012

Fascinating creatures

Creatures Great and Small
by Karen Patkau

Patkau's bold, computer-generated art successfully captures extremely large creatures, such as the Blue Whale, African Elephant, and Japanese Spider Crab, to extremely small ones, such as the garden snail, thimble jellyfish, and feather-winged beetle, in this informative picture book.

Handy charts at the back of the book introduce the concepts of scale and proportion by comparing measurements of animals that are “Big” and “Really Big” to “Small” and “Really Small” 


Creatures Yesterday and Today
by Karen Patkau

Living animals and their prehistoric ancestors come to life in this companion book to Creatures Great and Small. Some of the fascinating creatures are the Brontoscorpio and Fat-Tailed Scorpion, the Phorusrhacos and Bird of Paradise, and the Meganeura and Scarlet Skimmer.

The helpful geological timeline at the end of the book makes it a good addition to any reference library.

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