November 28, 2012


Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be
by Daniel Loxton

Clear, straight-forward explanations helpfully describe the process of evolution in this good introductory book. It answers many of the common questions people have about evolution - what it is, how change happens, and what it means for humans. Attractive pictures and real world examples make the book easily understandable for young readers.

It's True! We Came from Slime
by Ken McNamara
pictures by Andrew Plant

Beginning with primordial ooze, McNamara presents basic paleontology and the development of life on Earth in this somewhat playful book. The many jokes and funny pictures may distract some readers and get in the way of the pertinent information. Some explanations are a bit unclear, such as McNamara's suggestion for viewing evolution as a time line seen as the distance between a reader's nose and an outstretched arm. The book is not really suitable for writing research reports, but independent readers should find it amusing.

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