November 14, 2012

Physics in everyday life

The Great Motion Mission: A Surprising Story of Physics in Everyday Life
by Cora Lee
illustrated by Steve Rolston

A boy named Jeremy tells what happens when his city's summer fair grounds are threatened with the building of a physics research centre. Jeremy is upset, but not as much as his Uncle Liam, who is extremely physics-phobic. He gets Jeremy to help him save the fair. But their plans are foiled by Audrey, a physics-lover who lives next door. 

Audrey shows everyone how physics can be applied to everyday life, such as throwing a baseball, verifying a painting's authenticity, or riding a rollercoaster. Unfortunately, Audrey speaks like a professor, making her lectures a bit hard to follow.

Supplementary information is contained in sidebars; the book also has short profiles of a few well-known physicists like Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, and Stephen Hawking. 

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