May 21, 2012

Amazing kids

Wonder Kids: The Remarkable Lives of Nine Child Prodigies 
by Charis Cotter

Every kid is good at something. But sometimes they're so good, adults flock to see them. In Wonder Kids, meet nine child prodigies with extraordinary abilities - Phillis Wheatley, 12, who became the first African-American slave to publish a book of poetry; Maria Gaetana Agnesi, who spoke seven languages by the age of 13; Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn, both accomplished young musicians; Buster Keaton, a vaudeville star at age five; Dai Vernon, 10, a successful magician; Stevie Wonder, who signed with Motown at eleven; Wang Yani, who began painting when she was three; and math genius Terence Tao,13, who became the youngest winner of the Math Olympiad in 1988.

Their lives were not always easy, but they were dedicated to their chosen subjects and loved what they did. In fact, this is a good book for parents to read. It’ll show them how to nurture a talented child without destroying their childhood.

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