May 11, 2012

Reduce, reimagine, rejoice!

Not Your Typical Book about the Environment
by Elin Kelsey
illustrated by Clayton Hanmer

Children today are very aware of the state of our planet. They've seen lots of pictures of dying coral reefs, non-degradable garbage, endangered animals, and other eco-disasters. What they need is some reassurance and advice on how to change what may seem a hopeless situation.

With this book, author Elin Kelsey wants to make kids happy about the environment. You are not nature's bogeyman, she states. You are nature, and thus you are connected to everything that grows in it. She demonstrates this connection through comic-book sections like How Sea Otters are Connected to Fish Sticks or How Bees are Connected to Your Burger and World Peace

Each chapter takes a look at familiar products - t-shirts, food, computers, bicycles - and offers choices kids can make to create a better world. For example, they can choose between four different t-shirt options - bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, vintage - so long as they know the pros and cons of each choice. Supplemented by positive stories of researchers and citizens working hard to find ways of sustainable living, Kelsey succeeds in creating a happy, hopeful book about the environment.

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