May 25, 2012

Regular kids do heroic things

The Doggy Dung Disaster & Other True Stories
by Garth Sundem

Profiles of 30 kids who did awesome things. Divided into 5 sections - Kids Saving the Environment, Kids Standing Up for Themselves, Kids Helping Others, Kids Overcoming Challenges, and Kids Using Talents & Creativity - these young people will amaze you!

You will meet 8-year-old Omar, who went on a lo-o-o-ng walk; 14-year-old Santosh, who climbed a mountain; 8-year-old Chen Chiu-Mian, who campaigned for worker safety; 12-year-old Rudy, a paralympian; and 11-year-old Vaishali, who discovered an environmentally-safe paint to use on ships.

A friendly Boston Terrier pops up now and then with funny comments, but the book does have a puzzling omission - no pictures of the kids (except on the cover).

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