March 26, 2012


Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World
by Craig & Marc Kielburger

What is happiness? People are always searching for this seemingly elusive state of being. Society conditions us to believe that making money, having a prestigious career, and owning lots of possessions are what we need in order to be happy and successful. Yet people still wonder why they're not completely happy.

According to the Kielburgers, many people get trapped into following the Me mentality: a way of thinking that focuses on self-interest above all else and leads us to act accordingly. This constant striving to get ahead, to look out for number one, results in materialism and competitiveness. Instead, they suggest that we should follow the We mentality: to be aware of the world outside of ourselves. 

Their Me to We philosophy is a different approach to life. It encourages people to think not of themselves, but of the greater community and decide on one action, however small, that will change a part of someone's life. That small change can start a chain reaction that in turn can change the world. 

Following the We philosophy may sound daunting, but by the end of this book one begins to realize that any action is better than none at all. The brothers' experiences show that by living with gratitude, having empathy for others, and redefining the notions of happiness and community, we can achieve a more useful, meaningful, and inclusive life.

Each chapter concludes with inspiring stories and ways to get started on the Me to We journey. Thought-provoking and believable, this is a book everyone can read, from children to adults.

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