March 19, 2012

Big (and small) inventions

What's the Big Idea? Inventions That Changed Life on Earth Forever
by Helaine Becker

An in-depth and amusing look at over 30 key inventions created long, long ago (the wheel, the plow, the compass), long ago (the printing press, the photograph, fertilizer), and not so long ago (the telephone, the airplane, the internet). Five big thinkers - Archimedes, da Vinci, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, and Steve Jobs & Bill Gates - are profiled, along with their key inventions. As well, double-page close-up looks at five different environments - school, battlefield, doctor's office, kitchen, and bathroom - showcase all the tools and gadgets that we use everyday.

This big book (9.5 x 11 inches), with humorous illustrations and witty puns, is an entertaining and informative read.

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