March 12, 2012

Time for lunch

Who Wants Pizza? The Kids' Guide to the History, Science & Culture of Food

Thornhill uses a slice of pizza as a reference point to take a look at why we eat, where our food comes from, whether there’s enough food for everyone, and which food choices are better.
Fascinating and fact-packed chapters provide information about the evolution of farming, the development of table manners, and the modern-day crises of large-scale food production. She tackles such chilling topics as the threat to crops from monocultural (single crop) farming, the unknown effects of genetically modified organisms, the spread of diseases like H1N1, the mistreatment of animals on factory farms, and how the raising of livestock affects global warming.
It's very serious stuff; however, Thornhill closes the book on a positive note with an excellent discussion of options - like reducing meat consumption, buying from farmers’ markets, and learning to cook - that can help solve world food problems. 

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