September 9, 2016

Why people lie

Half-Truths and Brazen Lies: An Honest Look at Lying
by Kira Vermond
illustrated by Clayton Hanmer

Everybody lies. We’re usually taught that lying is wrong, but it’s not really so clear cut.  This book helps kids figure out the difference between good lies and bad ones.

In easy, conversational prose, Vermond describes why we lie (to get what we want, to avoid punishment, to be nice, or because we just can’t help it) and presents various scenarios and historical anecdotes that illustrate the consequences of lying. It ends with a chapter on lie detection that reveals a sad truth: catching liars will never be foolproof. But in an optimistic conclusion, Vermond notes that honesty and trust help build stronger, healthier communities.

A good conversation starter, this is a thoughtful, nuanced book.

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