September 16, 2016

Signal flags

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie: The Complete Book of Nautical Codes
by Sara Gillingham

The large format (approx. 9” x 11”) and cardstock-heavy pages are perfect for this clever book, which introduces kids to signal flags, the phonetic alphabet, morse code, semaphore, and boats! Cheery graphics in bright, primary colours make for an eye-catching display that’ll lure kids into the secret world of maritime communications. Each letter of the alphabet is first presented with its flag name, a picture of a boat and a clear explanation of the flag’s meaning. Opposite is a full-page image of the flag, followed by a page which displays the letter’s phonetic code name, morse code signal, semaphore (as demonstrated by a cute sailor figure), and details about the type of boat.

With four different ways of communicating, kids will definitely want to try them out!
An excellent reference book and a must-have for code-lovers everywhere!

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