September 12, 2016

Phonetic alphabet

by Isabelle Arsenault

The phonetic alphabet is an internationally recognized code that enables emergency services, like firefighters and the military, to send messages clearly and accurately. The letter A is Alpha, B is Bravo, and C is Charlie. 

Isabelle Arsenault cleverly depicts each letter with arresting pictures that are ambiguous and open to interpretation. Charlie is a bowler hat that actor Charlie Chaplin used to wear, the red building for Hotel looks like it came from a Monopoly game, Mike is a pair of boxing gloves, Papa shows a wallet with a child's picture tucked inside, and Romeo is a dagger whose blade reflects a ghostly image.

Very young children will not understand it, but older kids should find it interesting. Even if they don't care for the images, they'll find that the uncommon juxtapositions will make the phonetic alphabet easy to remember.

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