May 13, 2016

Children's rights

Our Rights: How Kids are Changing the World
written and illustrated by Janet Wilson

Children have rights which are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Sadly, the rights of children continue to be ignored even by the countries that have signed onto it, including Canada, Afghanistan, Greece, Iran, Rwanda, Turkey, and Venezuela.*

Fortunately, children themselves are speaking up and demanding that their rights be respected. Janet Wilson's collection of short biographies profile a number of young social activists who are making a difference for children around the world. They include a girl protesting against forced marriage, an ex-child soldier helping others like himself, and children raising funds for homeless kids. 

The book shows that anyone can make a contribution no matter what their age.

* For a list of countries that are party to the UNCRC, see I Have the Right to Be a Child by Alain Serres (Groundwood Books).

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