May 6, 2016

Rainforest bird rescue

Rainforest Bird Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered Wildlife
by Linda Kenyon

The world's rainforests are under threat due to deforestation, endangering all wildlife that live there. Some of the most endangered are rainforest birds; more than 100 bird species have already gone extinct. Over a thousand others are in danger of extinction, not only from the loss of habitat, but due to invasive species, human hunting, the illegal pet trade, and the sale of feathers. Fortunately, conservation groups around the world are working hard to save these beautiful birds.

Rainforest Bird Rescue is just one book in the popular Animal Rescue series produced by Firefly Books, which provide an optimistic overview of the many conservation projects underway to save endangered animals. Other titles include the rescue of frogs, turtles, birds of prey, elephants, tigers, and rhinos.

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